Computer Engineering Society

About Us & What We Do

We are the Computer Engineering Society, a social and educational community for the Computer Engineering (as well as all computing) majors of California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo! We are a student-run society whose primary goal is to help students succeed in their major and get a jump-start into the workforce.

Students from all majors and academic standings are welcome! We look forward to providing a fostering community conducive to both the personal and professional development of our members, while keeping close ties to industry. CPEs is a great way to meet your fellow peers and professors as well, so we hope to see you at our meetings!


We office a variety of different services and opportunities for all members, which primarily include the following:

  • Office Hours

    CPEs hosts office hours Monday-Friday from 11AM-12PM and 7PM-8PM to give a hand to any member who needs help with their coursework, or anything else in general!

  • Computing-based Extracurricular Projects

    One of the primary things that CPEs offers are opportunities to be part of exciting computing-based projects! In the past, these have included things such as an escape room, magic mirror, as well as an iOS app! In the future, we plan on having these more professor-based rather than student-ran as in years past, so this will be a fantastic opportunity to start building department (and possibly industry) connections!

  • Career Planning & Company Networking Events

    CPEs hosts several career service and industry networking events every quarter for members to gain some connections to industry!

  • Game Nights

    CPEs hosts game nights every so often for members to wind down and have some fun!

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