Sponsorship Information

The Computer Engineering Society is actively searching for sponsors to support society activities. These include technical talks presented by members of industry, projects applying what we learn at Cal Poly, and professional development workshops. As a sign of appreciation to the corporations that are especially generous in their contributions, we have devised a three-tiered sponsorship program. Each level provides different benefits to the companies that fund our operations, starting at 100 dollars.

If you would like to discuss sponsorship on behalf of your company or organization, please contact either of our two Corporate Liaisons, Jon Sleep, and Patrick Luong.
Sponsorship At a Glance
Bronze Tier:
$100 contribution and up
Silver Tier:
$500 contribution and up
corporate advertising on CPEs site
Gold Tier:
$1000 contribution and up
corporate advertising on CPEs site
reserved company table at CPE end-of-year banquet
Bronze Tier (starting at $100 per year)

At the Bronze Tier of sponsorship, CPEs will assist the sponsor in the production of a technical talk or information session. Such events are extremely popular with the members of our club, and are a great way to advertise job openings to highly motivated Computer Engineers. The club will publicize the event on campus following any guidelines provided by the sponsor, in addition to reserving a venue on campus. You can see photos from previous Tech Talks in our Tech Talk Photo Gallery.
Silver Tier (starting at $500 per year)

Sponsors at the Silver Tier will receive all benefits associated with the Bronze Tier, and will also be afforded corporate advertising on the CPEs website. This includes a corporate logo displayed prominently on our Sponsors page, if so desired.
Gold Tier (starting at $1000 per year)

Sponsors at the Gold Tier will enjoy the benefits of both the Bronze and Silver Tiers, in addition to a reserved table at the CPE Banquet. The Banquet occurs every year at the end of Spring Quarter, and is held in recognition of the most outstanding faculty and students in the Computer Engineering Department. A reserved table at the banquet affords unprecedented access to some of the brightest students in the major, and allows companies to make a lasting influence on potential job candidates.